Use your phone to Get rid of Mosquitoes

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Mosquito are nuisance and disturbing insect which not only give us an itching bite but can also inject us with malaria. For me i dont think this insect has any Economic use but i have a belief that all God's Creation were created for a purpose. They aren't everywhere though but they are widely spread through the countried, urban area and rural area (it depends on the environment and Season).

And eversince we find the insect Mosquito irritating,we'd always want to chase them away or get rid of them but they are as "stubborn as their disturbance". But Now This blog has discovered an app that gets rid of those mosquitoes. Isnt it amazing that you can scare way the MosQuito with your Phone.. Yes! I mean your phone.
All you have todo is download the AntiMosquito Application.. Below are the steps to use the app.
Step 1: Download Anti-mosqutio by CLICKING HERE
Step 2: Open the application and Play the Sound listed in the app.
Step 3: Put your phone to where you dont want the mosquito to be and watch them flew away.Step 4: You can even put it beside you if you want to sleep and they wont come near you.

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  1. Thats funny,are you sure it will work?

  2. @ifeoluwa, its a funny app.. Just try it and come back to give comment

    1. Lolz... Maybe cos the mosquitoes here are few, it worked! Hahhaa funny app..hope to see


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