Bbm Unleashed: Download Bbm for Java Phones including Techno, Itel, and Others.

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I received a message from one of my friend "Toyab". Below is the chat conversation that ensued between us:
Toyab: hello Friend
Me: am cool and you?
Toyab: great. I visit yourJava Appz blog and waoh! It was really great.
Me: thanks friend. Hope yuh enjoy those appz.
Toyab: Yeah.. They were so cool especially My First IQ Brain App ,the app was xo brain-challenging.
Me: am glad yuh appreciate it.
Toyab: friend, i need your help in Finding an application for me.
Me: i'll try my best but my Service aren't free.
Toyab: i understand, i'll pay.
Me: So whats the name of the app?
Toyab: its bbm for java phones.
Me: you mean blackberry messenger?
Toyab: yeah.
Me: ok. When am through i'll call you on phone. Bye
Toyab: bye.

To cut the story short,after long series of Research, i finally discover BLACKBERRY MESSENGER FOR JAVA PHONES!! it might sound awkard but its true and you can confirm from a friend of mine. Follow the steps below to download it.
Step 1: First of all, before you can download it, like my fb fanpage.
Step 2: Visit bbm official website
Step 3: Download bbm for your device(for blackberry & android)
Step 4: if you're using Java phone, then..
my bro & sis, Wait for your turn for bbm to launch for java phones since android also wait for their turn. Lol.. APriL FoOL!
happy buffday to Adie girl

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  1. Lol. This blog you caught my attention,i thought it was real and was just planning on how to show off to ma bb friends

    1. Cynthia, thanks for the comment. Dont mind me but i hope they will lauch it for java device also. Lol


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