Hackproof Password

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Hackproof Password is an application i've download to my mobile since some months ago and it have only one function: To save all your passwords with "one" password and protect it from hackers.
This application is for Users who easily forgot their password or have a lot of website that they can't remember the password they use on the website. Although the Safest Storage is the "brain" because no hacker can hack into your brain and force a password out of it but just like the "Storage devices" on our phone or PC,we suppose to limit the stuff we store in the brain and also what we save.

Hackproof Password Application protects the following info:

(i) Website Login
(ii) Email Account
(iii) Personal Info
(iv) Phone Details
(v) PIN and PUK of Mobile
(vi) and many others!
The application works in a simple way. After download, Step 1: Launch the Application
Step 2: Input a password(a difficult-to-guess one) you want to use to set the application
Step 3: You can now save all the data you wish to save. You can also export it as (backup) incase you mistakenly delete the app but make sure you didnt tell anyone of the password you use in opening the app.
You can download Hackproof Password HERE.
Disadvantages: All data are lost if you delete the app so its wise to create a backup after saving a lot of data in the app.

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